What do Spanish lessons and watching episodes of The Bachelorette have in common? Also, how I become a world-renowned master chef.

25 May

Okay so, first, don’t judge me. Yes I have watched “The Bachelorette” once or twice, and will probably continue to do so every great once in a while. I greatly enjoy making fun of the hopeless (really, hopeless) romantics as they try to prove their love and more or less perfectness to each other. I mercilessly laugh at the crying and kissing, occasionally getting some great (or not-so-great) fashion ideas to boot.

However, check out all the things I want to do below!!!!

-I would LOVE to learn how to dance!

-I’ve always wanted to set a goal to read a new book every month.

-Someday I WILL get really really really good at cooking and baking (staying super slim and trim all the while of course!). I’m determined.

-Taking Spanish is a must, it will open up greater job opportunities for me!

-I would love, in the next few months ten years (note sarcasm) to finish school, so that I can get a rockin’ job and pay off our depressingly heavy student loans.

-We WILL Travel! Anywhere! Everywhere!

-I would really like to learn some basic graphic design skills- I want to design my own notecards… I can never seem to find any that I love when I am out and about.

I could go on if I sat on my noodle for a while, but all of the above is a pretty good start.

What do these things and “The Bachelorette” have in common?

My time.

All of the little of it.

My very most favorite finance website, “LearnVest“, recently posted this great article, on real reasons for ditching your tv for good. Here is a great excerpt:

“By age 65, the average American watches two million commercials–commercials that are designed to make your life seem dull in comparison to those of the shiny, happy people cruising around in Lexuses. U.S. companies invest $70 billion each year in television advertising and they must be getting their money’s worth. If you’ve ever found yourself craving a cheeseburger with a cold soda, perhaps you might consider removing commercials—and the craving for said cheeseburger– from your life.”

Personally, J and I don’t really want to get rid of our television or stop watching TV all together, sometimes we need to really relax, and snuggling up on the couch and laughing at “Psych” or cleaning the house while I watch my favorite chick flick can really help me (us) de-stress. Heck, we might even get cable someday when we are dirty rich so that I can watch the Home and Garden channel and Food Network all day!

But I DO need to make some small changes.

When the television goes on, I need to be working on something. Cleaning, folding laundry, doing dishes, going through receipts, BUDGETING, paying bills, etc. TV is simply and truthfully the BIGGEST time-sucker (barely, thanks to Zuckerberg and Facebook), but it is simple to learn how to incorporate my tube time into the things that I already need to do with my day, to maybe even make them a tad more enjoyable.

Another idea I want to implement is to use TV as a tool rather than a vice. For example J and I have both Netflix and HuluPlus, since we try to not spend money on movie tickets and it is a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy movie night. But what if I where to actually take a step further and make an effort to blend the things on my “want-to-do-someday-my dreams will come true-I will be awesome-totally-sweet!” list (yes, that is the AWESOME name of my list) with what I decide to watch on TV. For example, watch a movie in Spanish (you can roll your eyes, especially if this takes you back to your high-school Spanish class- you learned SO much!). Did I mention Food Network? I learn SO much when I watch The Barefoot Contessa etc. Chef Katie, here she comes! Also, Netflix has a huge array of documentaries, of which I (call me nerdy) LOVE to watch.

Sometimes a girl needs to sit on the couch in her fat pants and take a spoon to a whole tub of cookie dough iceream relaxing to a good Jane Austen movie or a funny chick flick. Or make fun of rich, tanned, fake let’s-get-together Barbies and Kens making fools of themselves (and thank God for what a great man I have!). But this should be something that is rare, and a backup plan to healthier alternatives such as getting out the door and exercising, chatting up a friend or a super cool mom at a coffee shop, or even reading in a quiet little cozy space.

My mom always used to make sure that when summer kicked in, and school was done, the TV watching didn’t increase. She taught us to enjoy being outside, crafting, and reading (a lot!). As a bonus, we got to see our friends way more often too (outside of the school environment, of course). Yes, the friends we forget to call now that we are all so cool and grown up. Summer is here, and I’m listening to mom once again. After all, she DOES know best!

My untouched to-read books on their dusty shelf are calling my name. While I get around to reading those, YOU should totally check out the full article mentioned above, here, and learn how less TV time (or getting rid of it altogether!) can make your life simpler, and save you lots of money!!!


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