A Personal Economy

17 May

Fidelity has launched a new commercial with the theme, “take control of your own personal economy.” I’m fascinated by this idea of a personal economy. A personal economy gives no room for excuses and lack of control. In a personal economy, MY personal economy, I get to choose what happens with my finances, no matter what is going on in the big picture. In my personal economy, I can:


Control my cash flow, where my money goes, and where it comes from

Control what I earn, and how I earn it

Dream up goals, and I can construct practical plans to achieve them

Set myself up for success the short and long term future


What does my personal economy look like? What does your personal economy look like? How does the larger economy affect my personal economy, and what can I do to achieve a better financial outlook?

My purpose in writing MoneyLovely is to share my journey towards complete financial control, and ultimately, financial freedom. A  little snapshot of my personal economy:


I am 23, married for two years, and a full time student until November 2012


My husband just landed a fantastic entry-level graphic design job at a local design firm, and I plan to start my own business post college graduation.


We have no credit card debt, but we have over $30,000 in student loans, and almost $1000 in bad debt. We don’t have a car payment, but we don’t own our own house either.


We only have $500 in our emergency savings, $1000 in retirement, and absolutely no worthwhile assets (unless our dog counts).


We are big dreamers- we want to travel someday, and be able to give freely to the world wide community monetarily and socially.


All these factors make up a personal economy- priorities, life stage, job satisfaction, and past financial decisions. If your are satisfied with your financial present and future, great! If your personal economy looks somewhat like mine, or even if you have loads of credit card debt, guess what? You ARE in control, whether it feels like it or not.

Take a minute to sum up your personal economy. Are you happy with where you are, or do you need to make some drastic changes?


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